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Customers making reservation themself via Internet, buy 47% more services and additional options.

Source: ~Netsurvey (USA & Canada)

We know that the smaller tourist organizer has different needs than the biggest players on the market. At the same time a multitude of processes occurring at smaller tour operators is large enough that it requires an adequate information system - BlueVendoStandard.

Main functions and functional areas of BlueVendoProfessional (BVPro):

  • The internal reservation system;
  • Customer Service Center - offers search, creating reservations, booking management, communication with the client (before and after sales), generation of travel documents;
  • Finance and accounting - accounting of payments (including masscollect payments), reservation cost control settlement, monitoring receivables, prompting. Integrated with SymfoniaSage;
  • The product - a flexible and ergonomic module of tourism product management, with all types of accommodation, rooms and promotions (many types of the hotel contracts);
  • Calculation - on-line calculation process with immediate access to data through interface;
  • Plane management, optimizing the use of seats in planes;
  • The interface enables full integration with external distributors (CRS Interface_BVI) with the possibility of handling various formats of XML standards;
  • Support for multiple languages (with its own translation module) and multiple currencies;
  • Management of loyalty programs and loyalty cards as well as “returning customers” connected to the zone / customer panel. A complete overview of the history of the client (data, reservations, payments);
  • Own base of travel agencies and companies;
  • Over 150 analytical reports. The ability to export data in different formats;

Technical characteristics of BlueVendoProfessional (BVPro):

  • Available from anywhere worldwide through internet, fully based on web browser;
  • No need to install software on computers;
  • Low costs of start up, maintenance and staff training;
  • Advanced kernel designed for heavy loads, handling a large number of threads;
  • Storing the history of all data and changes made in the system;
  • Powerful interfaces to multi-channel online distribution (B2B, B2C) (GDS, CRS) and offline (INFX, OTDS);
  • Independent solution by the use of open source framework and PostgreSQL databases;
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA);
  • Available in SaaS model (Software as a Service);

Smaller tour operator, working on BlueVendoProfessional has access to knowledge and technology developed currently by over 30 organizers from Polish, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Croatia and other countries.

Working on BlueVendo is also full access to support and periodic training for staff.

Increase the system capabilities with the development of your business. At any time, you can upgrade to version BlueVendoPrestige, which provides the following additional features / functionality:

  • Integration with external hotels' suppliers (hotel, banks, incoming agencies), external flights' suppliers (GDS, LCC and charters);
  • Dynamic packaging of the own offer and external sources;
  • Possibility of integration with other accounting systems as SAP, Comarch_XL, Comarch_Optima;
  • Possibility of exporting planes availability to external reservation systems (diversification of sales group) and service of PNR;
  • Influence on the directions of BlueVendo platform development by the budget allotted for the development of a platform that can be used to implement needed features;
  • Advanced analytical and statistical tools, more than 300 reports, export data in different formats. Possibility of creating custom reports;
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