BlueVendo Pricing

Automation Systems Technology

Customers making reservation themself via Internet, buy 47% more services and additional options.

Source: ~Netsurvey (USA & Canada)

Activity of niche tourist organizer is often low volume of trading, but the complex tourist product - often tailored for individual clients. Niche business is also different tourist product distribution. The suggested solution to the system is BlueVendoStarter.

For tour operators that are looking for simple solution that can handle all fundamental tasks we created BlueVendoStarter platform. It combines advanced technology with the needs tour operators.

Main functions and functional areas of BlueVendoStarter (BVSta):

  • The internal reservation system;
  • Customer Service Center - offers search, creating reservations, booking management, communication with the client (before and after sales), generation of travel documents;
  • Finance and accounting - accounting of payments, reservation settlement, monitoring receivables, prompting.
  • Module to record sales commission and sales invoices;
  • The product - a flexible and ergonomic module of tourism product management adjusted to niche tour operators;
  • Calculation - on-line calculation process. It has ready affiliation search engine for touroperator web page. It allows to turn static web page in online powerful B2C sales platform
  • Support for multiple languages (with its own translation module) and multiple currencies;
  • The possibility of using TOM database agents;
  • Over 50 marketing, accountancy and product reports. The ability to export data in different formats;
  • Possibility to place online search engine on the website (IBETOM);
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