BlueVendo Pricing

Automation Systems Technology

Customers making reservation themself via Internet, buy 47% more services and additional options.

Source: ~Netsurvey (USA & Canada)

If You're part of the tourist organizer team, which still does not use BlueVendo and You are unsatisfied with current solutions in your company - please contact us. Become our ambassador. Together, we will help You find the reasons for implementing BlueVendo by preparing an analysis of the efficiency and profitability of the implementation.

If Your company is engaged in IT services of tour operators, contact us and become our ambassador or introductory partner. Together, we can quickly and efficiently procure benefits for Your customers. Always treat us as an opportunity to further fruitful cooperation and not a threat to Your current position in the company (we dont provide any IT sevices beside the delivery of the ERP system for the tour operator. What's more, we always want to have a partner that understands IT issues - it helps both parties to cooperate).

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